Agent Registration

DataBeaver is building a robust team of survey agents who will push boundaries in the Data collection field and you can be part of it.Please read details below:

Job Description
1. Capture visual data that appears in the form of predetermined field elements.
2. Identify field elements as communicated across by the project manager.
3. Provide valuable feedback to the project manager via specified means such as survey-forms.
4. Participate in random information collation exercise.
5. Create and maintain relationships with third party representatives .

The field survey agent must meet the following requirements:
1. Fluency in English Language.
2. Be an N-Power volunteer.
3. Possess a fully functional Android or iOS device.
4. Be between the ages of 20 – 37.

1. Flexible work plan suitable to your schedule.
2. Exposure to network of like-minded and professional individuals.
3. Lucrative payments, made in a transparent organised structure.

Please Note
1. If you partook in the retail banking survey or MTN retail outlet survey, you are also expected to go through this application process.
2. If you have not received your N-Power Device and as a result do not have an N-Power Phone number, You are required to put in your BVN number. This is purely to ensure that you are an N-Power Volunteer, and we need a unique identifier to do so.
3. If you have received your N-Power device and can fill in your N-Power Phone number. It is not necessary to fill in your BVN NUMBER
4. Please take the assessment only once. You will be disqualified for duplicate entries.

Directions For Application
Step 1: Provide the requested information
Step 2: Study the training guide. It contains a knowledge base you need to possess to carry out this work.
Step 3: Take the assessment.When you are satisfied with your understanding of the training guide Click HERE to take the assessment